They do unless you use the swf-version override which is what I meant - sorry, 
didn't explicitly mention it as we never use the -target-player override just 
the -swf-version one.

If you compile to -swf-version=9

Then it will work on player 9 if you don't use any SDK elements requiring a 
more advance swf version.

As I asked earlier, it depends which parts of the latest SDK you require. If 
your code doesn't use any of the latest SDK additions then you can target an 
older player.

Same goes for Air.

Hope that helps.

On 22 Nov 2011, at 19:00, tom.chiverton wrote:

> > What features of FP11 are you requiring? Am sure you
> The 4.5 and later SDKs require the 10.2 player.
> Tom

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