I've been away from Flex for several months and wanted to refresh myself
on the tool.  I don't have a problem with the content of the tutorials,
just the  crashing at the end of every session.  I could usually just
click the continue button and it usually worked.  There are so many
variables with the flash player, etc, that I can see it being hard to
just keep the product going.


Some things are just beyond me, however.  This morning I was updated to
10.1.1 and after the required reboot of the computer, it looked like
9.5.x was trying to update.  As the update notice doesn't include a
"stop" option I had to let it go.  Now I'm not sure what the heck I'm
running.  But that's not the current issue.


It would appear that the only alternative is Lydia.  How much do they




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So did I.


I just wanted to try it out. 


It may have helped that Ive been using flex for years but Im sure I just
followed the whole course and can't remember do any work-rounds or
anything like that.


I thought, for a free training set is was actually really good. I don't
really know of anything any better video wise without actually paying
for a Lynda one or something like that. It covered the basics in enough
details to defiantly get you well started

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