From: Wouter Schreuders <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 6:05 PM
Subject: [flexcoders] spark DataGrid

Hi All

Does anyone know how I can get the actual number of visible rows for a spark 
datagrid similar to the mx datagrid which had the handy feature rowCount. 

Basically I want my last itemrenderer to do something different if it's the 
last itemrenderer. I thought I had this licked with the code:

if(rowIndex == dataProvider.length) 

since I don't have a scrollbar and display all itemrenderers at once in the 
datagrid I thought that the dataprovider's length and the total number of rows 
would work, but this is not the case, sometimes there are 1 or 2 more 
itemrenderers than displayed?


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