On 02/01/2012 05:56 PM, Dan M wrote:

On 02/01/2012 03:59 PM, Dan M wrote:
> I've got my encoder mostly working. I can do live streaming just fine.
> However, when the streaming server on the other end archives my
> streams I can't play the archived files. Looking through the
> documentation for flash.media.SoundCodec I see constants defining
> NELLYMOSER and SPEEX codecs. Am I to assume that the AAC codec is not
> available? That would truly suck!
> Any pointers on how to achieve either MP3 or (preferably) AAC audio
> encoding in the Flash stream I'm generating via Flex?
Never mind - issue resolved. I found the page at
which addresses this issue. I was gettings a compile-time error,
complaining about NetStream.videoStreamSettings not being defined. I
edited properties of my project and under "Flex Compiler" I changed
"Adobe Flash Player options" to "USe a specific version" and specified
11.1.0. Now my code compiles ok.

I do apologize - I panicked and didn't dig deeply enough in the
available on-line sources.

Blast! I'm still having issues.

My encoder is streaming to my Wowza server just fine, but I'm still seeing "Invalid video/audio codec combination for iPhone/iPod: video:H264 audio:NELLYMOSER" messages in the Wowza log file. I'm concerned about this as a lot of my customers targe iPads. I'm using the techniques described at http://www.realeyes.com/blog/2011/10/31/new-in-flash-player-11-encoding-live-video-to-h-264avc/ and am setting the values in my h264settings object, but I'm not seeing any mention in the docs (the current docs appear to be non-existent for flash.media.H264*) of how to set audio codec to anything other than Speex or Nellymoser.

So once again I have to ask for assistance. Anyone know how to select AAC (AVC) codec for the audio stream?

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