Thanks Scott.

I managed to get things talking ... somewhat before your reply came in. The 
data provider showed the proper data. I did a bit of digging and came up with 
the new code shown below.  Unfortunately with the new code, if I only need to 
update a single field in the DB I must click every DDL and select the value 
otherwise the other fields receive NULL values.
Any suggestions?

Here is the newest code:

public var _selectedStatus:String;
public var _selectedCategory:String;
public var _selectedStyle:String;

private function statusChanged(e:IndexChangeEvent):void {
if ( _selectedStatus == null ) {
_selectedStatus = originals.status;
_selectedStatus = statusDDL.selectedItem.status;
protected function categoryChanged(e:IndexChangeEvent):void {
if ( _selectedCategory == null ) {
_selectedCategory = originals.category;
_selectedCategory = categoryDDL.selectedItem.category;
protected function stylesChanged(event:IndexChangeEvent):void {
if ( _selectedStyle == null ) {
_selectedStyle =;
_selectedStyle =;

// This function use to add or update records in the database
protected function button_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {
        originals.inventoryno = inventorynoTextInput.text;
        originals.title = titleTextInput.text;
        originals.price = priceTextInput.text;
        originals.status = _selectedStatus;
        originals.category = _selectedCategory; = _selectedStyle;
        originals.edition = _selectedEdition;
        originals.subject = _selectedSubject;
        originals.height = _selectedHeight;
        originals.width = _selectedWidth;
        originals.medium = _selectedMedium;
        originals.imagename = imagenameTextInput.text;
        originals.description = descriptionTextInput.text;
        originals.copyrightdate = copyrightdateDateField.selectedDate;
        if (originals.originalid==0){
        createOriginalResult.token = artServices.createOriginal(originals);
        updateOriginalResult.token = artServices.updateOriginal(originals);


// The declarations remain the same as before for each of the lists

// The FormItems <DropDownList/> changed as well. one example below:

<s:FormItem label="Status" styleName="formLabel">
<s:DropDownList id="statusDDL"
        labelField="status" styleName="formContent"
        symbolColor="#FFFFFF" borderColor="#c3c3c3"
        width="157" color="#000000"/>

--- In, Scott Fanetti <scott.fanetti@...> wrote:
> It looks like you are setting the status on the change in the drop down list 
> but not casting it. Is that your issue? The change handler does not seem 
> attached - what is triggering it?  When you debug it - what are the contents 
> of the drop down list data provider?  
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