I've used Flash Builder 4.6 to create a mobile app.  I've got everything 
prepared and successfully uploaded -- screenshots, contracts, bank accounts, 
etc. etc. The final step is to upload the actual app in iTunes Connect. But.... 
I can't. There is no upload button. Anywhere. Not in version information, app 
summary, app details, app Localizations, or anywhere else that I can find. 

Here's a good link for AIR development and iOs:


It says: <<App Store Distribution – If it's an app store ready distribution 
package, then you will use the iTunes Connect site to submit your application. 
You'll need to fill out a bunch of information, be as explicit as possible to 
avoid issues with rejection. Upload your application on the Upload page as a 
renamed .zip file and upload the 512×512 image separately as the large icon. 
This will be used for your application presence in iTunes.>>

Has anyone successfully uploaded a .ipa file to iTunes Connect? Has anyone seen 
this issue before? 

Possibilities: maybe  you have to upload the .ipa at the same time along with 
everything else?

Or maybe you actually need xCode to upload the app.


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