Can you show code, I assume you marked the button as skinPart.


 From: grimmwerks <>
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 8:41 PM
Subject: [flexcoders] Adding a button in VideoPlayer

Ok I don't know if I'm going absolutely crazy  -- I'm trying to add a button to 
the VideoPlayer -- not the stopButton which is already written in the spark 
VideoPlayer, but a new button to do something I want and will listen for 
outside of the class.

I create a VideoPlayer skin and add my button. I create a new class and extend  I add a public myButton (say) and override static partAdded -- 
I trace out the partName / instance and myButton is always null, never added.  

I duplicate the VideoPlayer classes into my own, add the same public myButton 
and this time my button is being traced out.

Now I could do it this way but it's 10k difference in the swf - from 253 to 
264.  Ok 11.  

What's the deal?

Garry Schafer


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