It is Android ICS and Honeycomb limitation. You won't access that space on
a factory firmware. Try it with the video player. same problem there. I
hate this on my Xoom.. but it seems like Android either not want to pay, or
not stable enough to use iPads finger gesture like program switching,
rather unuse 5% of screen.

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> wrote:

> **
> Hi guys, I'm creating a custom slide show app for the acer a100, and I set
> full screen in the application descriptor file. The 'soft buttons' at the
> bottome turn to ellipses but the space is not used by the app, I can see
> around 60 pixels are still blocked out at the bottom of the screen.  Is
> there a way to force this ?  I need the images to fill the screen.
> I tried tour de flex and noticed it does go fullscreen either.

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