I have a flex  application and I have designed each forms in my application
as modules
On menu click I load my modules using module loader.

Now I have manged to avoid caching of my flex application using the general
work around like adding  no cache tags and
 in the wrapper html  I modifled the  embed source like  below (adding a
random number) and seems to be working.

<embed src="${swf}.swf?"+Math.floor(Math.random()*10000);

I followed the same work around for loading modules, when I assign a URL to
my ModuleLoader, I append the time stamp as a parameter .

url +*"?ts="*+*new* Date().getTime();

and assign this URL to my ModuleLoader.

Charles Proxy says that a request is going to the server, I can see the
relative URL and  the new time stamp.

But my changes in the swf/flex module is not reflected. The changes are
reflected only when I reload my application.

My Environment is
Flex Version 3.5
Tomcat 6.20 running within my Flex builder 3
I running the application within my Flex Builder.
I try to access my application from another computer.

This kind of seem to be a show stopper for me, as we  often change things
in our modules and it is accessed by heterogeneous users
Any suggestion on how to over come this problem would be very helpful.


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