I am trying to build an AS only application with embedded assets.
The source comes with its own config, so I essentially use

mxmlc -output=bin/xyz.swf demos/src/xyz.as -load-config+=config.xml 
-include-libraries=abc.swc \
 -include-libraries=def.swc -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries 

The main class references the embedded material via

import embeds.*

the embeds look like

package embeds
{  public class assetdata
   [Embed(source = "asstes/Abcd.css", mimeType = "application/octet-stream")]
   public static const Abcd:Class;

The generated swf does not include ByteArrayAsset and consequently complains 
Abcd as well.

Since my own projects have a quite similar structure, I would guess that one of 
the external
swc interferes here. Could anybody shed some light on that?

Wolfgang Hamann

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