Adobe has spent the year donating the Flex SDK and Falcon compilers to the 
Apache Software Foundation.  While Adobe has a small set of people contributing 
to Flex in Apache and a team that shipped Flash Builder 4.7 and is working on 
subsequent Flash Builder release, Adobe is not leading the development of Flex 
and has not been for a full year.  The future of Flex is in the hands of the 
Apache Flex community.  This document should have made Adobe’s plans clear:

Meanwhile, there is plenty of activity in the Apache Flex community, including 
an effort to leverage ActionScript and MXML to write applications that can run 
without Flash, by translating ActionScript to JavaScript.  If you like to use 
Flex, you may want to find a way to contribute to the Apache Flex project.  The 
main page for the Apache Flex project is currently: but will change if/when we become an official 
Apache top-level project.

This document describes one approach to Flex without Flash.  There are other 
approaches being investigated at this time.


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> hi,
>  as i can sadly see from the message history bottom grid, many programmers 
> are leaving flex.
> So this thread is to ask you all, if you have already found a valid 
> alternative to flex for RIA development.

After almost 1 year, it seems that Adobe itself gave us the answer releasing 
Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 without the design view. This is a straight message to 
all flex programmers telling us that Adobe has no more intention, and maybe 
neither a project group, to continue flex developing. So now, after this year 
of reflections and testing new products, what is the real alternative to flex?

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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