I am in process of Converting Flex-BlazeDS-Spring-SpringSecurity application to 
AIR-BlazeDS-Spring-SpringSecurity Stack. The main reason is the client's 
requirement needs some local data storage and client feels it inconvenient to 
use application in browser. Backend Application server is TOMCAT.

The Browser Based working Flex application has following work Flow.
When User Connects to site Login HTML page is presented with Login Name, 
Password edits. User enters LoginName, Password and submits the form to 
j_spring_security_check. Spring security is configured in such fashion that on 
successful login it takes to page containing Flex application. Flex application 
in its application complete event makes a HTTPService call to a settings.xml 
and gets Global Settings for the application then it dynamically creates 
channelSet defs and starts making RO calls for spring services. Application 
generates reports to PDF/xls/xlsx/ods etc. etc. formats and saves at secured 
location and are being retrieved by making HTTPService calls to those files.

I would like to maintain same workflow as far as possible though I am ready to 
change it, if its not practically possible in AIR.  

Please Guide me on
1. How to Login at HTTP level from AIR application.
2. How to create secured AMF channels (AMF channels are secured in Spring 
3. How To retrieve files from locations which are secured by spring security 
(access controlled to ROLE_AUTHENTICATED)  

Thanks and warm Regards

Raja Patil

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