I'm building an AIR app with FlashBuilder 4 in VMWare Fusion, so it's
running in a virtual Windows XP machine, not on the metal (which is OS X,
for those keeping score).  I've got some code that is writing a PDF file to
the virtual machine's desktop. Writing and saving the PDF are fine. I'm
using the following code for an "open the PDF" button:

var myFile:File = File.desktopDirectory.resolvePath(printPDF);
navigateToURL( new URLRequest( myFile.url ) );

That works fine, opening this URL in my browser:


That works fine, BUT if I go into VMWare -- Settings, Sharing, and turn ON
"Desktop", the URL I get instead is this:


...which is incorrect (I just get a blank browser window).

Has anyone else run into this?  Any suggestions?


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