Hello there,

I dont think that's what I needed.
I would explain my scenario.

When I try to close my application, it will prompt to save the changes before 
closing, using an Alert. 
When the Alert window is there, I am able to click on close button, minimize 
and maximize as well. Also my menu is also active.
If the user go for a try on every options that is clickable, it creates a weird 
situation where my application is grabbed by a number of windows turning itself 
to blurred view.

See, if we close our Flashbuilder, we won't be able to click on any other thing 
on the background. That's what my desired functionality is.


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> ere any way we can disable the whole window of AIR application, including 
> menu, minimize, maximize, and close buttons?
> I have been trying in many ways for two days now. Please help me to got out 
> of this situation.
> Thanks a lot in


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