Okay I'm at a loss and need another set of eyes...

Using Flex Builder 4 to compile an AIR app. It usually works just fine.
However today I started getting this message:

"The installation of this application is damaged. Try reinstalling or
contacting the publisher."

After some googling around, it looked like I had an old or slightly
corrupted version of AIR on the machine.  AIR 1.5 was installed, so I
bumped up to 3.7 and recompiled my app. Now when it runs, I get this:

"Publisher ID Could Not Be Found."

According to this:


...I should be able to omit the PublisherID tag from my AIR app, which is
what I'm doing -- it's not there (and hasn't -ever- been part of this app).

But obviously I'm missing something, as I'm still getting this error.

Any ideas?


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