Hi Alex,

I just start working on to use Falcon to convert our existing Flex4 application 
to Html5.  Before I dig into it, want to know how reliable it is? Should I wait 
for a bit for a better version?

Thanks and regards,

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Thanks, but it's not so hard since I'm paid to do it.

It would help for you all to switch to Apache Flex and ask your questions over 
there.  The main Apache Flex website is: http://flex.apache.org/
You can subscribe to the mailing lists or a forum version by following 
instructions here: http://flex.apache.org/community-mailinglists.html
And in case you haven't been following, Apache just released 4.11.0 which has 
some 200 bug fixes over Adobe 4.6, and several of us, including myself are 
working on FlexJS, a version of Flex that runs without Flash.  More information 
on that is here:  https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FLEX/FlexJS


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I second third and fourth that

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I have no idea who is still listening to this thread but I think it's time to 
humbly, and gratefully thank Alex for his devotion to Flex and this thread.  
Two years ago our world was shaken and we've all moved onto different (not 
better) things. ;)

Alex has continued to demonstrate and keep his promise in supporting Flex two 
years down the road and will probably continue to monitor these and other 
threads for several more.

Hats off to you Alex!  You are to commended for your devotion and sacrifices to 
our beloved Flex!



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