I wanna build an Android app similar to iOS Newsstand app using Adobe Flex 
Flash Builder. Is it possible to achieve this goal.?

 My aim to build such app is simple:
 I've developed some Android Games (.apk files) using AIR for Android, when any 
app is installed to the Android devices it is shown to the main menu by 
default, so I need to hide that icons from the main menu and at the same time 
the icon should be displayed to the new app (as I said, app like a Newsstand 
app) and when the user clicks the game icon shown inside the new app, the game 
should play.

 My simple logic is I want my game to be organize within one app instead of 
main menu...
 so please can you help me out on how to start and how to achieve my goal... 

 Thank you... :) 

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