This wouldn’t have anything to do with Flex…I’m assuming the XML being returned 
just doesn’t have the message element populated, correct?  Or is nothing being 

I’d try a few things before getting all worked up…

1)      If you call the picUpload.cfm from another .cfm module is the XML 
output what you expected?

2)      I’d also probably not use the variable name “status”…it’s a pretty 
common reserved word in all languages, and since you weren’t scoping the 
variable, you might have an issue there anyway…

3)      If not, try hardcoding the XML string with the values to see what you 
get back…and be sure not to put line breaks in…

<cfset variables.status = ‘<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" 

4)      As an aside, if you *must* use CFXML, try setting the returned content 
to the text/xml mime type using CFContent right after your cfprocessing 

<cfcontent type="text/xml; charset=utf-8">

5)      You might want to try to convert it to a string, and automatically have 
CF prepend the <?xml …> XML declaration:

<cfset myvar=toString(xmlobject)> <cfoutput>#myvar#</cfoutput>

On a different note…
Why don’t you use CF Remoting and have Flex call a CFC method to do the upload 
and return the file name?   We don’t do URLRequests ourselves for security 
reasons, and we don’t have issues with CF11 and file uploads.

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I think you’re the only flex developer left?

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Subject: [flexcoders] Re: uploading files in flex using coldfusion 11

Anyone out there with a solution to this issue? i have been using that code for 
so long and it worked perfectly. But now for some reason the uploaded file name 
doesn't appear in the textinput even if the file is actually uploaded onto the 

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