Try reading the comments on this page:

I always pass the arguments in an object, and so far no problems..

var args:Object = new Object();
args.yourParam = "first param";


Good luck

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Subject: [flexcoders] Flex 2 not maintaining order of web service

Hello, I've been unable to get Flex to submit parameters to a web
service method in a consistent order.  I'm using Flex 2 beta 2 and a
web service running on JBoss 4.0.4CR2 using annotations.

This problem has been described in the following locations:

-Macromedia Forum: Webservice always returns a "Error #2032: Stream
Error" (
-flexcoders archive: Flex 2: WebServervice call sometimes swaps
parameters (
-Macromedia Forum: WebService fields out of order

The order of the parameters appears to be somewhat random, as each
time you refresh the page, the order changes.  Though that order will
last until you refesh again.

One suggestion was wrapping the parameters in a single complex object.
However, the problem still persists, as order is not maintained when
flex serializies the object.

Another suggested setting the parameters like so:

    "if svc is your webservice id...
     svc.function.arguments = {value1:val1, value2:val2, ...};

Unfortunately, order is still not mainatained.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?


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