Thanks for the quick response, though the problem still exists for me
if I put them into an object. It seems in its current state, Flex
cannot enforce the order in which arguments are provided.

I have found a way to have JBoss disregard the order of arguments by
editing the wsdl and referencing it in the annotation like so:

    @WebService(name = "WSInterface" ,
                serviceName = "WebService",
                wsdlLocation = "META-INF/wsdl/test.wsdl")

To get it to work, I changed the type of parameter input in the wsdl
from "sequence" to "all", ie:

   <complexType name="getData">
     <element name="param1" type="int"/>
     <element name="param2" type="int"/>
     <element name="param3" type="int"/>

Though I'd rather use the generated wsdl for simplicity's sake.  This
workaround should be sufficient for now.


--- In, "Jonas Windey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Try reading the comments on this page:
> I always pass the arguments in an object, and so far no problems..
> var args:Object = new Object();
> args.yourParam = "first param";
> etc.
> Good luck
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> Subject: [flexcoders] Flex 2 not maintaining order of web service
> parameters.
> Hello, I've been unable to get Flex to submit parameters to a web
> service method in a consistent order.  I'm using Flex 2 beta 2 and a
> web service running on JBoss 4.0.4CR2 using annotations.
> This problem has been described in the following locations:
> -Macromedia Forum: Webservice always returns a "Error #2032: Stream
> Error" (
> -flexcoders archive: Flex 2: WebServervice call sometimes swaps
> parameters (
> -Macromedia Forum: WebService fields out of order
> (
> The order of the parameters appears to be somewhat random, as each
> time you refresh the page, the order changes.  Though that order will
> last until you refesh again.
> One suggestion was wrapping the parameters in a single complex object.
> However, the problem still persists, as order is not maintained when
> flex serializies the object.
> Another suggested setting the parameters like so:
>     "if svc is your webservice id...
>      svc.function.arguments = {value1:val1, value2:val2, ...};
>      svc.function();"
> Unfortunately, order is still not mainatained.
> Has anyone found a workaround for this?
> Thanks,
> Ilia
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