I am encountering the same problem with datagrids.  Even if I specify
the style in the root "Application" tag of the style sheet, everything
(Trees, Comboboxes, Buttons, etc) behaves properly, except for the

This is for both "text-roll-over-color" and "text-selected-color". 
"selection-color" and "roll-over-color" work properly.  Placing the
styles in the datagrid tag has no effect.


--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, "supertodda" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've searched everywhere and no matter what I do, CSS or setStyle, I 
> cannot change the color of the text on the top level of the menu bar 
> when rolled over (the text that actually appears on the menu bar). 
> Everything else works fine except for the textRollOverColor on the 
> menu bar.  If anybody has any ideas on this, or if you need more 
> information, please let me know.
> Also note, I can change the rollover text on the sub menus by calling 
> the setMenuColors() function below, however it only applies to the sub 
> menus.
> Thanks.
> MenuBar CSS:
> .myMenuBar {
>       color: white;
>       font-weight: bold;
>     text-decoration: underline;
>     background-color: #ECECD4;
>     selectionColor: #ECECD4;
>     rollOverColor: #ECECD4;
>       textRollOverColor: black;
>       textSelectedColor: black;
>       separatorColor: #FFFFFF;
>       separatorWidth: 1;
>       themeColor: #ECECD4;
>  }
> Sub Menu Function:
> private function setMenuColors(mb:MenuBar):void {
>       for (var i:int = 0; i < dp1.length; i++) {
>               mb.getMenuAt(i).setStyle('color', 'black');
>               mb.getMenuAt(i).setStyle('rollOverColor', '#2433AA');
>               mb.getMenuAt(i).setStyle('selectionColor', '#2433AA');
>               mb.getMenuAt(i).setStyle
> ('textRollOverColor', '#FFFFFF');
>       }
> }

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