I posted this in the FP 9 forums, but it doesn't look like anybody
really pays attention to it, so I thought I'd re-post this to more
eyeballs to see what your experience has been:

I know that there is a final push to get FP 9 out the door by the end
of the month. However, I have to say that the frequency with which my
browsers are crashing, predominantly when the content is Flash Video,
is giving me some serious cause for alarm. In a browser like Firefox,
where there is one process for every window you have open, losing
multiple windows worth of work is immensely frustrating. I have
submitted this same issue via the Wish Form several times as well, so
this isn't the first I'm noting this. Here's my (seemingly standard)

Windows XP Professional with SP2, fully patched
Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519
Flash Player 9, beta 3 (IE: Version 9,0,0,296, FF: Version 9.0 b296)

Major commercial sites where the browser tends to crash:

In both cases, it is almost invariably any time one of the Flash Video
ads for Apple's new Mac campaign appears. Further, I've noted that it
gets to the point where the video looks to be done loading and is
about to play back. I went to a second machine that had FP 8
installed, and the video played fine.

I'm a huge fan of the improvements that FP 9 is offering for
developers, but if I can't achieve stability accessing very common web
sites, I can't ask my customers to upgrade so that they can use my
Flex 2 apps....that just won't fly.

Again, this looks to be Flash *Video*-related, as I've had no problems
as of yet accessing standard SWF files (i.e., forms, etc.) that I have
been developing.

Are others experiences stability issues?


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