The minimum swf is about 135K, as you add components, charts, FDS, etc
it starts to build up and you can get to 200K easily.  If you stuck in
one of everything, you'd be up past 600K.
However, you must also note that SWFs are compressed so copying and
pasting similar code isn't going to get you linear changes, it will
likely compress well.
The player won't ever build-in the framework as we'd like to change it
independently of the player.  However, we are looking into caching the
framework in a special player cache which will have a noticeable savings
on your apps.  However, I'd still expect any serious app to be 100K of
your own code.
Note that you can usually use modules to further shrink the initial
download size of your applications


From: [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On
Behalf Of Jim Grinsfelder
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007 11:06 AM
Subject: [flexcoders] SWF Size Puzzler

I have a pair of applications.  Each is relatively form-based with 4-5
forms.  They each compile to SWFs around 350-370KB.  I was curious so I
cut the code from one and pasted it into a copy of the other,
effectively combining the two into one SWF when I compiled them.  It
grew by 12kb.  There aren't any graphics embedded.  Just a few classes,
webservices, and some script.

That other 340KB, is it framework?  Could it be built into the flash
player and shrink our SWFs a lot?


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