If you can propose a way that users can know that their input is going
to go to some other place on the screen or some hidden process in a
browser, then we can allow keyboard access.  Otherwise, my banner add
will place a transparent window over your yahoo login and phish your
password.  Mean people suck, and prevent us from giving out
functionality as we'd like to.  We always opt for very conservative
security in first releases of new functionality like fullscreen, until
we can figure out how to relax some of those restrictions without
inviting mean people to harm others.



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I know Adobe has heard an earful on this, but I'd like to stress it
again since the issue has again been raised:

Fullscreen mode without keyboard support is virtually worthless for
almost any app other than playing fullscreen video. Now, I understand
that fullscreen video is the primary reason for inclusion of this
functionality. Fine. 

But Adobe needs to pay some serious attention to the world of online
games which heavily use the Flash platform. Fullscreen games would be
huge, but without keyboard support it simply won't happen. Fullscreen
web apps like Picnik would be huge, but without keyboard support its

I think the security requirement that an app can only go to fullscreen
inside of a mouse or keyboard event is perfect. I think the security
requirement that the ESCAPE key will *always* take the user out of the
fullscreen is fine. I'd even be fine with the Flash Player popping open
a confirmation dialog when the user wanted to go fullscreen just to be
sure (with a corresponding "always for this website" option, just like
popup blockers). 

But preventing all keyboard usage? It just renders fullscreen a
completely worthless feature for our products. We would embrace it and
brag about it and usher in some spectacular web-based experiences only
possible because of the Flash platform, but simply won't be able to
because we need a minimum amount of keyboard functionality (filling in a
few forms, cursor keys, etc.). 

AIR isn't the answer for us as the whole reason we've gone with the
Flash platform is the instant accessibility (no downloads).

Please, please, please Adobe... please give us keyboard access in
fullscreen! Please! 


On 9/14/07, Nick Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Within the browser, no, but within AIR, yes. Since the Adobe AIR runtime
sandbox extends to the local desktop, you can access the file system,
and you can run full screen while still being able to use the keyboard
and text inputs. 


On 9/14/07, Yigit Boyar < [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> >

yeah; it is sth that annoyed me; like years ago the removal of file
access at flash. (i guess it was flash 4 to 5)

anyway; security comes first of course, but there must be a way to
enable these options, like a certificate or sth else..
Charlie Skinner wrote: 

        Could anyone shed any light on what exactly the security issues
are with Full Screen Mode?


        I was really excited about this functionality when I first read
about it. But on further exploration I discover that:


        Users cannot enter text in text input fields while in
full-screen mode. All keyboard input and key-related ActionScript is
disabled while in full-screen mode, with the exception of the keyboard
shortcuts that take the viewer out of full-screen mode.


        I'm working on a large CMS in Flex and not being able to use the
keyboard or text input boxes makes the application pretty pointless.




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