Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> Hi,
> seeing reports that the big black box is often met with a FBO error, I began 
> to look at our way to render to texture. And I found this piece of code in 
> od_gauge.cxx, line 63 :
>     camera->setRenderTargetImplementation(osg::Camera::FRAME_BUFFER_OBJECT, 
> osg::Camera::FRAME_BUFFER);
> so it looks like the render to texture occurs in the frame buffer when FBO 
> are not available. Maybe I am mistaken, but what about :
>     camera->setRenderTargetImplementation(osg::Camera::FRAME_BUFFER_OBJECT);
> or
>     camera->setRenderTargetImplementation(osg::Camera::FRAME_BUFFER_OBJECT, 
> osg::Camera::PIXEL_BUFFER_RTT);
> instead ? Old style RTT should be available widely without the need to draw 
> to the frame buffer, and corrupt the scene.
> -Fred
Yeah, the lack of frame buffer object support turned out to be the common 
denominator for users seeing the problem. I checked in code tonight that should 
resolve the issue when frame buffer objects aren't available.


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