Now that the introduction of Rembrandt "next", provided that the current 
operation is retained, has been accepted, it is time to outline the plan that I 
intend to apply:

1. update SimGear with additions made on the effects and animations (done). The 
changes include the creation of "positioned" uniforms, ie on which applies a 
MODELVIEW matrix transformation, which serve to indicate the position of light 
sources in the shaders, and "light" animations (spot and point).

2. modify the Renderer class to separate from the scenegraph, terrain and 
models on one hand, the skydome and stars on the other, and finally the clouds. 
These three elements are passed to the CameraGroup class in order to be treated 
separately in the new rendering engine (and put together in the current one).

3. define an XML format for describing the two possible rendering pipelines 
(the current and new). The format will introduce optional elements (such as 
shadows, ambient occlusion, glow).

4. modify the base effects for defining the techniques that apply to one or the 
other renderers (a request for assistance has already been sent to prepare the 
work and ensure that existing effects does not apply to new rendering mode).

5. implement in the new rendering engine the basic lighting equation (ambient + 
diffuse + specular)

6. add the shadows

7. add light management

8. with the help of Thorsten, add atmospheric scattering, haze and the light 

9. add the ancillary effects (ambient occlusion and glow)

10. help migrate models and effects

I certainly forgot something. Let the discussion plug the holes


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