Hi all.

> 3. define an XML format for describing the two possible rendering pipelines 
> (the current and new). The format will introduce optional elements (such as 
> shadows, ambient occlusion, glow).

I want to point out my work on my "newcameras" branch:
https://gitorious.org/~zan/fg/zans-flightgear/commits/newcameras which
allows user to define the rendering pipeline in preferences.xml. It
does not (yet?) have everything Rembrandt's pipeline needs, but most
likely is easily enhanced to support those things.

Basically this version adds support for multiple camera passes,
texture targets, texture formats, passing textures from one pass to
another etc, while preserving the standard rendering line if user
wants that.

I wish this work could be extended (or maybe even I can extend it ;)
to handle the Rembrandt camera system. This will not solve all
problems in the merge, but some of them.

Cheers, Lauri, "Zan"

P.s. anyone know how to reply in the thread, when having the daily
digest of this list?
Lauri Peltonen

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