David F wrote:

> Prior Art!! What he is trying to patent has been around for years before he
> even started Papa Tango. Flame him!!!!!!!!

You're probably already aware that PT's prior skirmish with the flight sim
community resulted in a "Boycott Papa Tango" campaign, but that didn't hurt him
because the average flightsim add-on chance purchaser at PC World didn't know
anything about the campaign, and possibly wouldn't care if they did.

This application is so ludicrous that there's a danger no one will think to
object to the Patent Office because they can't believe anyone would take it

But the Patent Office have to take it seriously, and if they don't get the
evidence, they might just approve it.  This looks extremely unlikely given that
they've already found evidence against each of the five claims as a result of
their own search (I think), but then I don't think it would do any harm for
people who are aware of examples of prior art that closely match the claims to
make that evidence known to the Patent Office.

It would be a ridiculous situation if this application went through on a
technicality just because no-one really thought it would.


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