Mally writes:

 > Curt wrote:
 > > 1) We need to be able to have multiple instances of various FDM's
 > > running concurrenty (and with your proposed changes, accessible
 > > through the property manager interface.)  I'm thinking of things like
 > > random 'traffic' that would get created and deleted.  For instance we
 > > have fdm[0], fdm[1], fdm[2], fdm[3] and then we delete fdm[1] because
 > > it flew out of range, but now another aircraft flies into view so we
 > > need to create fdm[4], etc.  Also probably sooner rather than later,
 > > John is going to want to be able to air drop his X-15 from our Cessna
 > > 310. :-)
 > When you say various FDMs I assume you're allowing for the possibility of having
 > say a helicopter FDM running alongside a fixed wing FDM, etc.?

The cleanest solution is to have a separate property tree for each
instance; globals could manage that, and make sure that the right one
is always returned.

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