I've added some basic property-debugging support to FlightGear and
SimGear.  In FlightGear, the --trace-read option causes all read
access for a property to be traced, and the --trace-write option
causes all write access for a property to be traced, both through
SG_LOG messages.

Tracing a popular property like /position/altitude will cause a lot of
output and will slow down FlightGear, but presumably, you're debugging
anyway so you won't mind.

The neatest part of all this is that it allows you to debug properties
and C++ code together in a regular debugger.  The --trace-read
property causes SGPropertyNode::trace_read to be invoked, and the
--trace-write property causes SGPropertyNode::trace_write to be

Let's say that you wanted to find out what parts of the C++ code are
setting the /foo/bar property.  You would load FlightGear into a
debugger, set a breakpoint on SGPropertyNode::trace_write (in
simgear/simgear/misc/props.cxx in the SimGear distro), then run the
program with the following option:


Every time any code sets a new value for /foo/bar, you'll hit your
breakpoint, and you can look at the backtrace to find out where it is
being set.

All the best,


David Megginson

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