Tony Peden writes:
> In my day job, my own experience has been that
> real-time plotting is useful when you know exactly
> what you are looking for and you only need to see a
> limited number of parameters.  The rest of the time,
> recording the data and plotting after the fact works
> out to be better.
> That said, it *would* be a very cool thing to be able
> to do.   

Yes, this would be no substitute for data logging and post processing,
but if you know what you are looking for, I do think it could be

The immediate thing that comes to my mind is this:

As a side project I'm working on integrating a 'commercial' fdm with
FlightGear via a network interface.  One of the things this code
supports is control loading.  The hardware guys are chomping on the
bit wanting to know what range of values the software is going to kick

Something like a quick and dirty embedded graphing program would be
pretty nifty.

"cout" probably works just as well, but it's not as pretty. :-)  And
once you had the basic graphing mechanism in place, it would be
trivial to let the user specify which property(ies) to graph.

Maybe we could even hook up the GUI prop-picker to specify which
values we want rather than forcing the user to type them all in.

FWIW, I think it's important for the FDM guys to frequenty fly their
code in real time.  In real time with visuals attached, various
incorrect effects and behaviors can really jump out at you ... stuff
that you'd never notice when looking through tabular data, or even a
graph.  Sometimes the trend is correct, but the scale or the sign is
way off.

I would think that being able to fly in real time, and see some
key graphical data output would be an immensly useful debugging tool.

For instance, nosing over the c310 causes it to go into an infinite
acceleration cycle.  Hmmm I wonder of that is drag related?  Ok, pop
up a live graph of thrust, nose over, watch the graph with everything
else going on.  Nope, drag looks good.  I wonder if it's thrust
related.  Oooo, look at that thrust go off the chart ... ok now let's
graph some individual propellor/engine parameters ... etc. etc.

That's how my mind works anyway ... :-)

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