(Regarding the Debian install) Options are nice during install, no argument
here.  And I realized I could install the driver after the fact, I just
decided that with limited time, it wasn't worth investing the time in the
direction of figuring out another distro - absolutely nothing against
Debian as an OS other than the installer, but I imagine Debian isn't
targeted to the general pop.

I am not completely new to Linux, but have done limited tweaking behind the
scenes.  Being a CSET student and at the Sophomore level (though I used to
do 8bit Assembly as a teenager in the 80's), I'm probably getting in over
my head on this project, but hey, we're all a team, and there are those to
consult with more experience than myself here and there - and all the work
is not all raw coding of course.

Though I've never forked over the money to get my private, I aced the FAA
private written awhile back, and know a fair ammount.  Wanna build an RV
someday.  Been flying Flight Sims since Flight SImulator II on the c64.

I'll get my new Linux workstation setup to where I feel more at home, which
includes VNC to access a Winbox without having to walk over to it.  I might
try to find a better mail client than Balsa, too, this isn't the best. 
Natilus runs a LOT better than on the 233 :)

I could use suggestsion for an IDE - about all I know is the MS Visual
Studio Suite.  Sounds like I need to learn XML as well :)

One of the main goals we would like to work on is Martian terrain.  I'm not
sure how much of the Earth's parameters are hard coded, but I'm imagining
it shouldn't be TOO difficult to produce Mars scenery for the sim.  I have
done it a little bit with MS's Flight Sim, and the initial results were
impressive - and FUN.  I'm imagining a current Martian atmosphere, as well
as a hypothetical post-teraformed Mars.  Please feel free to read what I
have done so far at:

http://internet.oit.edu/~longg/gotmars.html     -- interest / feedback?

The Mars angle is not my only interest of course, I'm sure I can be of use
in other areas.


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