I tried this

  fgfs --aircraft=c172-3d --fdm=yasim

and had an interesting experience -- I ended up sitting on the runway
a meter or two to the right of the plane, rather than inside it.

Things got even more interesting when I started playing with the view
position offsets, because everything was wrong: the x offset moved the
viewpoint sideways (y-axis), the y offset moved the viewpoint up and
down (z-axis), and the z offset moved the viewpoint backwards and
forwards (x-axis).

I cannot figure out why this is happening.  YASIM uses a different
coordinate system internally, but there should be no direct dependency
between the view offsets and the FDM -- YASIM simply reports the
geodetic position (lon/lat/alt) and orientation (roll/pitch/heading)
for the model itself, and the viewer positions the model

Any ideas?

All the best,


David Megginson

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