Jim Wilson writes:

 > That is intentional.  Before the pilot and chase were different
 > than each other (or seemed that way).  Prior to knowing anything
 > about using plib or Opengl, I always assumed as a user that x was
 > across the screen, y was up and down and z was depth.  That is I
 > think most intuitive to the xml user, and the fact that it doesn't
 > coincide what's going on in the viewer black box is not important.
 > Anyway, it is in my change log entry, documented in the source, and
 > all my proposal stuff ;-)

Sorry for the confusion there.  I think that it's probably not a good
idea to do things that way -- we should stick with normal aircraft
axes for consistency with the rest of FlightGear, at least at the
property level (a GUI can present things differently, of course).

All the best,


David Megginson

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