Quint Mouthaan writes:

 > my name is Quint Mouthaan and I'm a student at the Technical University
 > Delft in the Netherlands. I'm working a project in which we want to use
 > FlightGear. The first thing we want to do is analyze some flight data. I saw
 > a thread a little while ago about a tool that would be added to FlightGear
 > that could be used to plot some data real time. Is that tool already
 > available and if it is how can I obtain it?

First of all, there are two separate sources of flight data -- both
FlightGear proper, and JSBSim (one of the libraries we use for flight
dynamics) have their own logging facilities.

For the FlightGear-wide one, take a look at docs-mini/README.logging
in the FlightGear source tree.  You can record data for anything you
want (at any interval), then input the data into a spreadsheet (such
as Gnumeric or Excel) and plot it there.

All the best,


David Megginson

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