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  Quint Mouthaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>Delft in the Netherlands. I'm working a project in which we want to use

Can you tell us about your project? We always like to hear 
about how FlightGear is being used. :-)

>FlightGear. The first thing we want to do is analyze some flight data.

I assume you mean flight dynamics data? Roll, pitch, 
control surface deflections, etc.?

>I saw a thread a little while ago about a tool that would be 
>added to FlightGear that could be used to plot some data real time. Is
>that tool already available and if it is how can I obtain it?

David already answered this to some extent, but let me add 
something. JSBSim has pretty good data logging 
capabilities on its own if you are interested in only 
flight dynamics data. See the OUTPUT section (at bottom) 
of any JSBSim aircraft model for more information, e.g. 

JSBSim can output data to the console or to a file in .csv 
format (comma separated values). JSBSim can also write the 
data out to a socket. See FGOutput.cpp and FGfdmSocket.cpp 
for more information. The socket approach is nice for real 
time stuff. Flightgear may have some or all (and more) 
capabilities than this for logging, but perhaps not all of 
the desired flight dynamics data is available that way.

Let us know if you need more information.

Jon Berndt
JSBSim Project

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