Andy Ross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> Jim Wilson wrote:
>  > David Megginson wrote:
>  > > I tried this
>  > >
>  > > fgfs --aircraft=c172-3d --fdm=yasim
>  > >
>  > > and had an interesting experience -- I ended up sitting on the runway
>  > > a meter or two to the right of the plane, rather than inside it.
>  >
>  > Something is overwriting the xyz offsets in the c172-3d-set.xml or
maybe it
>  > isn't reading that file?  Those are defaults from
somewhere...probably from
>  > c172-set.xml.
> YASim _sets_ those offsets based on its own configuration.  I think
> this is a problem of data ownership -- who "owns" the location of the
> cockpit?  I argue that it's the FDM, since it's the code responsible

That isn't the issue here though.  Those are just the offsets from the
lon+lat+alt to the eyepoint and it was those that were off.  Where that origin
is FDMwise is another issue and not related to what David was observing.



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