> >for more information. The socket approach is nice for real 
> >time stuff. Flightgear may have some or all (and more) 
> >capabilities than this for logging, but perhaps not all of 
> >the desired flight dynamics data is available that way.
> >

> Yes, It is.
> I would better if the socket approach use UDP broadcast socket to 
> output data.
> UDP Broadcast socket would be faster than stream socket(TCP), and 
> so we can add more than one other modules which want JSBSim data 
> in real time.

I completely agree.

> I am now using a module to receive JSBSim's output from socket 
> and relay to other modules.
> and I am going to modify FGOutput/FGFDMSocket for UDP broadcast socket.

Can you send me the changes when you are finished?


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