The new telnet server has really become nice. It's great to be able
to connect more than just once.   :-)

But I don't like the new commands:

  view set <n>     display view 'n'
  view get         return current view index
  view current     return current view index

Why bloat the interface when this can easily be done with the normal
"set" and "get" commands? "view current" is not even consistent. It
"get"s a simple value. This should be:  "get /sim/view/current" or
something like that.

Comments in the telnet.cxx file leave me even more worried:

   * TODO: possible future commands:
   *   panel visible 0|1
   *   panel height -> h, Retrieve panel height
   *   panel width -> w, Retrieve panel width
   *   panel xoffset -> x, Retrieve panel x offset
   *   panel yoffset -> y, Retrieve panel y offset
   [and lots more]

Please don't let that happen! Make this "get /sim/panel/visible" etc.
There's no need for dozens of commands that do all just "set" and "get"
properties. That's useless bloat and we'll lose consistency with the http
interface. Don't re-invent the property system! The only thing that might
make sense is:
  view next        display next view
  view prev        display prev view

But I'd rather drop them, too, and make some "write only property":
"set /sim/view/next true" would then always switch to the next view,
while "get /sim/view/next" would always return false.

m.   :-(

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