Compiling FGSD CVS got some errors on linux gcc2.96
here are the fixes
runways.cpp: 85 line :change to SGPath path =(SGPath)__fgRoot
688:      _popup->add( "&Center", FL_ALT + 'c', FGSD_MainWindow::center_cb,
this );
change to  _popup->add( "&Center", FL_ALT + 'c',
&FGSD_MainWindow::center_cb, this );
673:        _popup->add( "Change &heading...", FL_ALT + 'h',
&GSD_MainWindow::changeObjectHeading_cb, this );
change to        _popup->add( "Change &heading...", FL_ALT + 'h',
&FGSD_MainWindow::changeObjectHeading_cb, this );

don't know how to work with object library
could you please send me your .fgsdobjlib file or give me please the
structure of this file

Thanx in advance

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