Status update on Multiplayer.

We got our multiplayer-deamon up and running SunOS 4.7
and will port to current codebase to Linux (RH 7.3)
and Cygwin(or VC++ 7) somewhere next week.

Next step will be defining the protocols. Basic
outline for first-time handshake should be finished by
The next question will be:

1)What information do you guys *really* want updates
every data-packet send every 1/x second (x=20 atm, but
changable) ?
It has to be enough information to predict the next
position(s) but not too much because we need to stay
inside a 512BYTES(or 576 including headers) packet

2)What information do you guys want updated every
second ? (same limit applies here, but packets would
just be appendable)

3)What API do you guys like for position prediction ?

We scheduled the discussion for the entire next week,
after that we will make up our minds and start
implementing these things in our PROTOTYPE (no FG
involved yet), just data-gathering/debugging
client-server communication.

Leon Otte

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