I guess it's not just the US that's touchy about its airspace.  I've
been having fun with the new Google news search, and came up with this


The explanation of the problem is a little confused, though: it had
nothing to do with a flight plan.  In Canada, all *controlled*
airspace between 12,500ft ASL and FL180 is class B, but class G
airspace can also extend up to FL180. (Above FL180 is class A --
IFR-only -- as in the US).

With Victor airways, control-zone extensions, etc., there's not all
that much class G airspace in Southern Canada: in class B airspace ATC
provides positive separation to all VFR and IFR aircraft, so the pilot
needed an ATC clearance (not necessarily a flight plan) and needed to
be using an encoding transponder.  Understandably, ATC was a little
pissed-off to have an apparently NORDO aircraft flying through its
space without clearance, though having the US dispatch F-16s was
probably overkill.

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