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>The header file states that work on them should be
>checked with Curt. I want to inherit AI-Entity to draw
>the multiplayer planes.
>But would did still be supported in the near future or
>is there another way to do this easely ?

Hi Leon,

I put that warning in them because at the time Curt said he had some ideas
about a general Flightgear-wide framework for basing objects and so forth
on, and I just wanted to warn anyone working on the files that they might
eventually get changed considerably.  The code in the ATC directory pretty
much plays in its own sandbox, so I can bang away without having to worry
too much about upsetting other people, which is just as well since I'm not
a very experienced coder and some of it's a bit rough at times :-)  It's
possible that some of it might be subject to an extensive re-write in the
future, so bear that in mind if you write against it.

The purpose of AIEntity is to encapulate both the 3D model of an AI plane
and its basic position and orientation, from which classes with more
advanced capabilities, such as the one to fly a circuit, are derived.
These derived classes all need to maintain position and orientation state
persistently.  *However*, I would have thought that in the multiplayer
stuff, you would be maintaining the position and orientation of the other
planes on the other players PC's, and hence only need rendering of the 3D
model on the remote PC, and updating the position and orientation on the
fly.  Thus I would have thought that the method of asking for rendering
mentioned by Wilson/Megginson in the thread a few weeks ago, that is simply
adding your plane to the objects property tree on the remote PC and
updating its position and orientation when needed, might be more
appropriate, simpler, and possibly fit better into Flightgears long-term
direction.  Maybe one of the primary developers could comment on this.

You can of course derive from AIEntity if you wish, just be prepared for a
possible re-write in the future.  It will survive at least the next 6
months though, and probably a lot longer!

>I also heard of a bug in the Flight Gear ATC-code that
>it draws AI-planes over one another, has this been
>fixed yet ?
>If so, in what version has this been addressed, v0.8
>stable CVS or v0.9 unstable ?

>From the user point of view, this only affects 0.7.9, and the offending
code is commented out in 0.8.0.  From the developer point of view, a proper
fix is now in unstable cvs, which is *definitately* what you need if you
want to code against it.  If you have the latest cvs and the w120n30
scenery the plane can now be seen in action by starting with:

 fgfs --airport-id=KEMT --heading=30 \
    --prop:/sim/ai-traffic/enabled=true \

I'll be away from e-mail for the next week BTW.

Cheers - Dave

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