Julian Foad writes:
> Take a look at the patch I just submitted and let me know if you think 
> it's OK.

it looks llike it will work

< rant not aimed at any one or thing in particular >

but where are all these 'properties' documented ?
'min', 'max', 'resolution', and 'wrap' all make perfect sense
when talking about a 'value' but is there a 'crib sheet' anywhere
so one can program in a new variable or is this all 'deep voodoo'
reserved for the high priests or is it just a 'free for all' 

< /rant >

We really need a dictionary of the 'known' property 'nouns', 'verbs', 
'adjectives' and 'adverbs' and *require* that this list is updated before 
a new 'word' is introduced into the XML.

This is espescially true in that the property gurus have stated that
such a document is 'impossible' to produce given our present toolset
and introducing new 'names' will just make the task more difficult
unless we at least start documenting the new names as they are introduced.



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