David Megginson writes:
> Norman Vine writes:
>  > We really need a dictionary of the 'known' property 'nouns',
>  > 'verbs', 'adjectives' and 'adverbs' and *require* that this list is
>  > updated before a new 'word' is introduced into the XML.
> That would be nice, but it would require a committed project manager
> willing and able to enforce it; if that manager were not extremely
> energetic, program development would soon start to drag down and stop.

Well we certainly have a 'comitted' 'energetic' 'visionary' 'programer' with 
CVS commit privilige that has created the requirement :-)

This requirement is especially true in that 'the FGFS properties' is a 
'one-of-a-kind' system

> I agree that documentation is a good
> thing, but it's necessary to accept that it will always lag a little.

I am willing to accept a little lag but one can of course take the 
'exteme-programming' approach of writing the documentation 
first before you code :-)

> Right now, I've documented all of the built-in commands inside
> src/Main/fg_commands.cxx, but that's not all that useful for
> non-programmers.  Here's a quick list for the documentation people, if
> anyone wants to beautify it (some of these are obviously deadwood and
> should be purged as soon as possible):

Documenting the commands is *great* and I hope the documentation folks 
pick up on your list but I believe that what we need is a more abstract level 
of documentation.  
A 'property' is a *very* abstract concept and  I want to try to 'formalize' a bit  

1) what is property, 
2) how to define one
3) what the allowable operations on one are.

Here is what I gleaned from your listing of the commands towards this end

a property has the following methods

   assign      < this, < value or 'other' > >
   toggle       < this >  'will create non existing property if necessary < 
constructor >'
   swap        < this, other >
   adjust       < this, step, offset, factor, min, max, mask, wrap >
   multiply   < this, factor, min, max, mask, wrap >
   scale        < this, setting, offset, factor >

< this > always == (sgPropertyNode *)


seems like we want to introduce  'class fgProperty'



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