In my ongoing quest to implement a FSD (protocol used in SquakBox) client
for FlightGear, I've read the Protocol Info document located at
http://www.simclients.com/ProtoDev-InfoForProspectiveDevelopers.doc (word
document, 103 kb) and at page 2 section 4 it reads:

"The group is protected by an agreement, made between each developer and the
group (as a whole) which prevents disclosure of privileged communications.
This allows members of the group to discuss network sensitive issues, or
share source code, within the group with a guarantee of security.  The
agreement allows open development between genuine developers, whilst
protecting the network and users from trojan software and troublesome
developers.". (I take "troublesome developers" as an Insult, not because I
am pretty much an Ameteur, but it makes it look like a 'special club', (it

Basically they are making this protocol proprietary so no one can develop
crap clients.

The agreement has a 25-year lifespan. (thats a _long_ time when you talk
about FGFS).

I wish to send a joint letter (on behalf on the FGFS community and me) to
the ProtoDev Development group as a request to open up the FSD protocol.
What are they talking about security. Hey, anyone can get access to the
protocol docs of the MSN, ICQ and (especially) Jabber IM networks, and to a
whole lot more protocols.

I have no idea of who is in the Protocol development group (thus persuading
a motion to open the protocol is hard), but I am aware of 2 members:

VATSIM Representative James Willan ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
SimClients Liaison  Steve Groner ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

If this fails, I will either :
a) reverse engineer the protocol. Considering trying to block any clients I
develop based on my work will be hard
b) create a brand new one.

I wish to collect as many views and names I can. DO NOT send messenges
personally to the representatives above. Send them to my address with "[FSD
petition]" somewhere in the subject line.

Remember: FlightGear has no agent to communicate with other Flight Sim's. If
we developed a FSD client, I _swear_ some interest will come to FlightGear.
Mathew McBride

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