> "The group is protected by an agreement, made between each
> developer and the
> group (as a whole) which prevents disclosure of privileged communications.

Neither my flying skills nor my spare time are sufficient for taking part in
Vatsim :-(

However, I know that there are a few competiting networks a la Vatsim
present or just emerging and I read several quite sharp debates (from
various parties) about "stealing" ideas, data, members from each other in
Newsgroups right now (instead of sharing services, members, controllers...).

While Vatsim certainly is a cool service with a huge member base and the
idea seems to be intriguing, I don't think this is the envirenment we want
for FG, isn't it?

If you can do it, I'd propose developing our own (albeit small) service. If
not more, than just a few controllers around KSFO as a proof of concept.

Regards, Michael

        Michael Basler, Jena, Germany
                [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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