Martin Spott writes:

> .... I believe something has to be fixed before:
> Do you know how you get there ? This happens when you try taxiing below the
> airport building  :-))
> I suppose this should be changed before you start offering bridges to the
> people - the tempation to fly below the Golden Gate is too big and how
> you tell the people why their plane crashes every time ....  ;-)

1)  Don't know why there is a large unrendered area 

2) The ground intersector was changed to report maximum elevation at a point
     of any object under the "Terrain Root Node" so as to support landing on aircraft 
     carriers. Things like Bridges, Hangers and other objects that don't want to 
     this behavior will need to have a separate SSG Root or be a 'special' ssgNode type
     so that their surfaces will be skipped when doing HOT calculations.

3) What is really needed for flying under bridges is a general purpose 3D collision 
    detection support which the scenery hitlist routine is not.  It is only designed 
    report the height of the highest point at the location of the intersection with 
the terrrain 
    scenegraph in the direction specified by the 'look from point' and the 'look in 
    vector. Obviously this builds invisible walls between surfaces if there is more 
then one 
    surface at a point, such as under a bridge.  I think that this behavior can be 
    so as to again only report the distance to 'front side' faces under the 'looked 
from point'
    but this will break being able to land on an aircraft carrier and will allow one 
to fly thru
    solid objects.



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