Arnt Karlsen wrote:

..would an external flight model be easier for you? It can then network with FlightGear both from the same box and from another.

I bet it would be easier. That is how our system works now. We start the flight model simulator which has an embedded vehicle state server. Then, the 3D renderer and the ground station connect to the flight model state server. The 3D renderer simply listens to the vehicle state and renders a couple differnet points of view (vehicle, groundstation, etc.). The groundstation listens to state to display the AI and guages and then sends actuator commands to the simulator from the joystick (manual control) or from the guidance program.

Are there any external flight models currently implement for reference? I see the src/FDM/* and src/Network/*_fdm.* as a starting point.

Our video is minimal - just a helicopter in a flat endless world.


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