Matevz Jekovec wrote:
Do we have any ideas or already concepts of what should the FlightGear UI menu look like? (i.e. what colours, what to include, which libraries to use...)

Not that I know.

I've taken a look in the Atlas project ( Is this project still alive and good enough to include their work for the map in our UI, when planning a flight? (and maybe for the kneemap in cockpit??)

The nice thing about Atlas is that it uses the current FlightGear scenery for generating it's maps. If we get better scenery, Atlast produces better maps.

Also, I found Sodipodi ( vector drawing program. It's GPLed and runs on Windows and *nix platforms. In comparison to Sketch, XFig and TGif, I found it the best. So I prefer it if we ever need something like this on multiplatforms for our work. It can save in SVG format. Export/Import PNG bitmap images (including transparency!). I already managed to draw some brainstorm ideas with it. Note that these is a very alpha state interface and many if not all of the things will change. All the images are exported from Sodipodi and are not implemented with SDL or by anythnig yet!

If we can convince the fgrun developers to ditch fltk and start using OpenGL directly this might be a nice start!


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